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Children's Rights

Denmark has signed UN's convention on children

The UN's convention on children contains some clear rules on children's rights:

  • Children have the right to food, health, clothing and a place to live
  • Children have the right to development, schooling, leisure time, play and information
  • Children have the right to protection from violence, abuse, hard work and sexual molestation
  • Children have the right to voice their opinions and the right to influence

Child labour is prohibitedPicture of boy delivering a newspaper

It is forbidden for Danish children under 13 to work. When you're 13, you're allowed to have light work like a paper route. Many kids have that kind of work beside school in order to make their own money. In other countries of the world, children make money for their families, but in Denmark most kids don't have to hand over their money to their parents. That's why it's called pocket-money - it goes directly into the children's pockets.

Zero violence

It has been discussed if it's at all possible to have a law about whether grown-ups should be allowed to hit their children. For what if the grown-ups hit them anyway? Will a child know how to report a grown-up to the police and do they dare? In Denmark there is a law stating that children "may not be subjected to corporal punishment or other degrading treatment".

The people working with children's rights in Denmark say that it actually has meant a lot that it's clearly stated that it's illegal to hit children. Other people interfere a great deal more when some one is beating their children, because it's no longer a 'private matter'. Before, you always had to discuss how many bruises it took before you could call a beating for abuse. Now there's no discussion, it's just not legal to hit at all.   


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